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Mash Up Rock ‘N Roll Musicals is a start up venture. We are building this from the ground up, literally creating something from nothing with support from our community and from our own pockets. In 2013 our friends and family and even a few strangers donated $2,250 through our Indiegogo campaign for our very first production of How Grinchy Met the Who. These were our  Producers – the people that made it all possible. In 2014 we had a whole slew of Producers sign on by buying special Advance Tickets or donating directly to help our production costs for Grimm’s Alternative Fairytales. We could not do our shows without the support of our Producers, and we thank them in our programs (and below). If you’d like to become a Producer of our next Mash-Up  you can donate through paypal right here.

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Any amount, even $1, will help us with the rent of the theatre, microphone and sound equipment, costumes, props and set pieces, and whatever we have left over which we can share with our performers. Thanks again to all of our producers, past, present and future!

Our Producers for Grimm’s Alternative Fairytales:

Erin Rollman, Courtney Kaiser, Cinder Conlon, Charlotte and Virgil Tye, Mickey and Bob Bero, Kate Botello and Ray Weigel, Kathy Verstraete, Jen Lakin, Katherine Wibby and Nick Carpenter, Meg “Marshmallow” Parker, Beverly Cady, Fortunate McHot Pants, Dave Dennison, Toby Lucius, Allyce Amidon, Allix Geiger, Harold kranick, Meagan jameson, Dan Kenny, Chad Smarsty, Sally Beemon, Scott Morey, Sam Clark, Lisa and Kelly Mcdougal, Andrea Rothney, Alexa Langrock, Jen Loup, Robin Wodek, Tania Arens, and Elizabeth Ernst. And an extra special thanks to Michelle Perez.

Our Producers for How Grinchy Met the Who:

Erin Rollman, Meredith Friedman, Paul Martin, Gretchen Augustine, Cinder Conlon, Lars and Megan Kelto, Charlotte and Virgil Tye, John Wear, Mickey and Bob Bero, Kate Botello and Ray Weigle, Jeff Morgan, Kathy Verstraete, Dan and Stacy Chariton, Rebecca Kemp, Jen Lakin, Scott Morey, Susan and Matt Pete, Katherine Wibby, Alani Leong and Luna Estrada, Nick Carpenter, Jeff Irving, Duane Lakin, Bonnie Deigh, Natalie and Brian Knowles, Meg Parker, Danny, Laura and Bean Daneau, Andrea Myers Culhane, Sam Clark, Tara O’Brien, Cat Tallman, Alexa Langrock, Jen Loup, Melissa Bullard, Robin Wodek, Rob Stow and Jeremy Evans, Scott Tompkins, Stacy Hoag, Tania Arens, Kristen Hains, Elizabeth Ernst, several donors who wanted to remain anonymous and the wonderful Elizabeth Jean Wear

Thank You!

On September 17th, 2014 we hit our primary fundraising goal which paid our rent at the Inside Out Gallery. Hitting our goal didn’t stop the donations from coming in, so we wrote this song in appreciation of your generosity.